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Aimen organizes next July 18, 2014 a conference on welding in the shipbuilding sector.

The object of the conference is to contribute to optimal planning of welding tasks including the selection of materials and reducing costs associated with the process. The most common welding processes in the sector as Mig Mag and submerged arc or less common processes as induction forming and key-hole plasma will addressed. Key improvement points as the selection of consumables, gases and fluxes will be analyzed and aspects of reducing welding costs will be addressed both in panels line and prefabrication as work in slipway.

KRUG NAVAL - Volvo Penta Extended coverage for marine commercial products. More running hours with full coverage

In addition to our normal warranty, you can now sign up for our Extended Coverage program and increase the number of running hours with full coverage of the complete Volvo Penta package.


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