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For Vigo Ship Repair is a a pleasure to see you at Navalia Fair, we have the representation of: Barlworld Finanzauto, Cardama Shipyard, Enaradio, Freire Shipyard, Fundivisa, Krug Naval, Mecanasa, Montajes Cancelas, Regenasa-Panelfa industrial group, Servotek Motor, Turbo Vigo 10, and Vigra

Navalia 2014 International Shipbuilding Exhibition, 20th-22th May 2014

Navalia will held in 2014 (from the 20th to the 22nd of May) its 5th edition in Vigo

1st Offshore Energy International conference

The Association of Metallurgical Industries of Galicia (ASIME) calls the First International Conference for Offshore Energy on october the 10th and 11th, to be held at the headquarters of Asime in Vigo. The conference's main objective is to present the development of this industry in the coming years and the business opportunity it represents for auxiliary naval and maritime industry,a very representative sector of the region of Galicia.

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