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Vigo Ship Repair is a group of shipbuilding and related services companies that promote their repair services to ships at an international level with the support of Vigo Port and the rest of the port community.

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Freire shipyards concludes transformation works of the fishing vessel Minchos Octavo:

The transformation works of the shipping vessel Minchos Octavo basically consist in the following activities: • A five meters increase of the boat length • A full redistribution of the fishing hold (main deck) • The prefabrication and set up of a block in the prow of the navigation bridge on the main deck

New Vigo ship repair brochure!

New Vigo ship repair brochure published for Navalia 2016

The 6th edition of NAVALIA will be held from the 24th to the 26th of May 2016 at IFEVI, Vigo

International Shipbuilding and Maritime Industry Exhibition Vigo, is of tremendous importance to the shipping industry in Galicia as around 70 percent of shipbuilding industry in Spain is located here. In its next edition, participants will travel from all over the globe to meet, discuss and plan business with the prospective clients at the expo.

Renewal of the fishing fleet to be discussed in Navalia 2016

The Cooperative of Ship owners of Vigo (ARVI) are preparing lectures on the renewal of the fishing fleet to be held in the exhibition area of Navalia, Wednesday Morning 25 May.

The Vigo estuary has established itself as repair base for exploration cruise vessels

Metalships expects the arrival of three ot these vessels in the coming weeks

European Adhesive Bonder training course (EAB)

November, 10th to 19th 2014, Training course for the diploma of the EWF (European Federation of Welding, Joining and Cutting) for European Adhesive Bonder.

Aimen organizes next July 18, 2014 a conference on welding in the shipbuilding sector.

The object of the conference is to contribute to optimal planning of welding tasks including the selection of materials and reducing costs associated with the process. The most common welding processes in the sector as Mig Mag and submerged arc or less common processes as induction forming and key-hole plasma will addressed. Key improvement points as the selection of consumables, gases and fluxes will be analyzed and aspects of reducing welding costs will be addressed both in panels line and prefabrication as work in slipway.

KRUG NAVAL - Volvo Penta Extended coverage for marine commercial products. More running hours with full coverage

In addition to our normal warranty, you can now sign up for our Extended Coverage program and increase the number of running hours with full coverage of the complete Volvo Penta package. http://www.krugnaval.com/extension-garantia-2014.html

Good news for Freire Shipyard

We are pleased to announce that we have a new contract for the construction of a freezer trawler vessel for the Norwegian Shipowner Prestfjord Havfiske. The vessel will have a length of 69 meters and will be reinforced against ice for the fishing of cod in Norwegian, Russian and Greenland waters. The contract, which was signed at the end of March of this year and has entered into force on June 4th, has a deadline of 19 months. Sheet metal cutting is scheduled for late August or early September.

We have a new partner!, welcome to INDUSTRIAS FERRI, S.A.

Industrias FERRI is a company with nearly half a century of history, specialized in the design and manufacture of equipment, systems and machinery. Our origins and principal activity have been in vessel on –deck equipment, and activity was broadened to include drilling equipment for the maining of ornamental rocks. At a later stage, industrial equipment was added. All of the above related to special activities in the handling of loads for civil engineering and nergy industries. At present, in addition to these activities, we also develop technical assistance and maintenance services for highly specialized mechanical and industrial sectors.


Krug Naval S.A.L, Volvo Penta regional Center informs him brings over of the available range of engines inside his industrial version. More information visits Our web and contact us.

AIMEN Technology Center , located in O Porrino , increases its technological capabilities with the addition of new equipment for laser processing, characterization and joining of materials.

AIMEN Technology Center , located in O Porrino , increase its technological capabilities with the addition of new equipment, valued around EUR 2.5 million ( 2,482,500 euros). The acquisition of this endowment is made possible by an agreement between AIMEN Technology Center , the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the Xunta de Galicia , through the Axencia Galega de innovación.

New brochure of Vigo Ship Repair

New brochure of Vigo Ship Repair

Krug Naval - Navalia 2014

Krug Naval has been in Navalia 2014, stand E04 we offer all the information about Volvo Penta products. This time with the collaboration of the representatives of Volvo Penta Europe to the last news offer us on the advances of our engines. See www.krugnaval.com if you are interested in receiving more information.


Working very hard for new business!


For Vigo Ship Repair is a a pleasure to see you at Navalia Fair, we have the representation of: Barlworld Finanzauto, Cardama Shipyard, Enaradio, Freire Shipyard, Fundivisa, Krug Naval, Mecanasa, Montajes Cancelas, Regenasa-Panelfa industrial group, Servotek Motor, Turbo Vigo 10, and Vigra







Navalia 2014 International Shipbuilding Exhibition, 20th-22th May 2014

Navalia will held in 2014 (from the 20th to the 22nd of May) its 5th edition in Vigo

Servotek Motor considers Navalia as an essential meeting place

Servotek Motor will participate in Navalia 2014 in the F08 stand and will have on offer every kind of spare parts for Deutz engines, a brand which they specialized in, as well as parts for Mak, Cat, Guascor, ABC, Wärtsilä, etc. They will also showcase their original or similar spares for purifiers, cooling compressors, turbos, injections, recuperation of bearings, etc. The exhibition will also be an opportunity to get to know their range of propulsion engines IVECO.

Maritime and innovation brokerage event 2013

On 27-29 November 2013, the Maritime and Innovation Brokerage Event (MIBE 2013), was hold Santiago de Compostela (Spain).

1st Offshore Energy International conference

The Association of Metallurgical Industries of Galicia (ASIME) calls the First International Conference for Offshore Energy on october the 10th and 11th, to be held at the headquarters of Asime in Vigo. The conference's main objective is to present the development of this industry in the coming years and the business opportunity it represents for auxiliary naval and maritime industry,a very representative sector of the region of Galicia.

XIV Spanish National Congress of adhesion and adhesives

Vigo organizes the fourteenth edition of the Spanish National Congress of Adhesion and Adhesives, which will be held in O Porrino on 26 and 27 September 2013.

Marine Maintenance World Expo 2013

Marine Maintenance World Expo is a three day event that will be held in Brussels in Belgium from 10th to 12th of September 2013.

Marine Maintenance Technology International

Marine Maintenance Technology International is a fully illustrated international technology review showcasing the latest developments in marine maintenance hardware, software and technologies to keep vessels and offshore facilities operational and seaworthy.

Vigo “green ports” capital

The port of Vigo was the 11th and 12th of July the venue of the Green Energy Ports Conference, an initiative that gathered in the city representatives of the most important ports in Europe.


110 m Sail Training Ship for the Republic of Indonesia will be built at Freire premises.

AIMEN Technological Centre offers a course for obtaining the FROSIO certificate for painting inspection

AIMEN Technological Centre has designed a course for obtaining the FROSIO certificate for painting inspection. It's a two-week course (20th to 30th may 2013) focused on the program of the Norwegian certification body, FROSIO Council, and the Norwegian standard NS 476.

New brochure of Vigo Ship Repair

Vigo Ship Repair will present the services of their partners in Break Bulk Europe Antwerp, Belgium from 14-16 May 2013 and Transport Logistic München, Germany from 4 to 7 June.


First results of the CARLoS Project “Cooperative Robot for Large Spaces Manufacturing” were presented in Navalia Fair 2014. The prototype was showed in the Aclunaga stand.


Good Design, NAVALIA 2014