European Adhesive Bonder training course (EAB)

November, 10th to 19th 2014, Training course for the diploma of the EWF (European Federation of Welding, Joining and Cutting) for European Adhesive Bonder.
The course is aimed at all those who by training or profession need to acquire or expand their knowledge in relation to the application of adhesives. Since the course has important practice and is treats theoretically only the basic principles of adhesive bonds is primarily aimed at operators / applicators whose activity is directly involved with the implementation of the joint. It is also aimed at middle managers who must know what information must provide the operator to properly execute the 
• Professional firms employing adhesives in their production processes (wind sector, shipbuilding and shiprepairing, automotive, construction, rail, packaging, etc ...) 
• Professionals from companies that do not use adhesives in their current processes but are interested in the technology of adhesive bonding as a replacement for other joining technologies 
 (mechanical and welded joints) 
• Any professional or student interested in the performance of adhesive joints

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