Freire shipyards concludes transformation works of the fishing vessel Minchos Octavo:

The transformation works of the shipping vessel Minchos Octavo basically consist in the following activities: • A five meters increase of the boat length • A full redistribution of the fishing hold (main deck) • The prefabrication and set up of a block in the prow of the navigation bridge on the main deck

In order to increase the boat length by five meters, 150 mm have been removed from the aft of the midship section and then a new block of 5 meters length and the maximum beam has been set up. This block is composed by the following sub-blocks: A weighted duct keel, double bottom, a block on the main deck, a block on the upper deck, four new holds and gangways on the bridge deck. 

On the fishing hold deck, the freezing capacity has been substantially increased, going from one freezing tunnel to four. Additionally, the dining room has been enlarged and the poop toilets modified.

Due to these works, several steel bulkheads on this deck and all the hatches have to be removed from their place and changed to another position.

Last but not least, a new block has been set up on the forecastle deck in order to enlarge the modification. With this block two new cabins are added, as well as new toilets and laundry.