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The Vigo estuary has established itself as repair base for exploration cruise vessels

Metalships expects the arrival of three ot these vessels in the coming weeks

Good news for Freire Shipyard

We are pleased to announce that we have a new contract for the construction of a freezer trawler vessel for the Norwegian Shipowner Prestfjord Havfiske. The vessel will have a length of 69 meters and will be reinforced against ice for the fishing of cod in Norwegian, Russian and Greenland waters. The contract, which was signed at the end of March of this year and has entered into force on June 4th, has a deadline of 19 months. Sheet metal cutting is scheduled for late August or early September.

We have a new partner!, welcome to INDUSTRIAS FERRI, S.A.

Industrias FERRI is a company with nearly half a century of history, specialized in the design and manufacture of equipment, systems and machinery. Our origins and principal activity have been in vessel on –deck equipment, and activity was broadened to include drilling equipment for the maining of ornamental rocks. At a later stage, industrial equipment was added. All of the above related to special activities in the handling of loads for civil engineering and nergy industries. At present, in addition to these activities, we also develop technical assistance and maintenance services for highly specialized mechanical and industrial sectors.

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