Vigo Ship Repair

Our Location

Vigo Ship Repair (V.S.R.) is located on the coast of one of Spain’s Regions, the Autonomous Community of Galicia, and, within it, in the city of Vigo. The City counts a population of 300,000 inhabitants and its port is located at coordinates 42º 14′ 1″ N 8º 43′ 59″ W, on the West coast of Spain, on the Atlantic Ocean, at one of the strategic points of the two most important maritime routes in the world: those linking Europe and South America and Europe and West Africa. The main drivers of its economy are the automotive industry, industrial fishing, shipbuilding and ship repair and the many activities of its port, covering an area of socio-economic influence of more than 550,000 people.

The Port of Vigo, managed by the Port Authority bearing the same name, covers a geographical extension of more than 20 kilometres, providing infrastructures and accesses suitable for activities related to goods and passenger traffic, fishing, trade, nautical activities and shipbuilding and ship repair. From West to East, its docks are the following: Bouzas, for ro-ro traffic and repair docks; Beiramar and Berbés, for berthing of deep-sea and coastal fishing boats; Trasatlánticos, for embarkation and disembarkation of passengers; Deportivo, for nautical-sports functions; Areal, Comercial and Transversal, for general cargo; and Guixar, for containers.

Surrounded to the West by the Atlantic Ocean and to the North by the Cantabrian Sea, more than 36,000 ships pass in front of its coasts every year, monitored by the Traffic Control and Rescue Centre of Finisterre. The Finisterre Traffic Separation Device has four navigation channels, the closest to the coast for conventional ships and the furthest for those carrying dangerous goods, set up for this purpose after the ship “Prestige” accident in 2002, which, with its sinking and spillage of nearly 70,000 tonnes of fuel oil, polluted large areas of the Spanish, Portuguese and French coasts.

With more than 90 maritime services regularly bound for Europe, Africa and America, the Port of Vigo is also the departure point for several Motorways of the Sea, which, together with its regular maritime services and activities related to goods and fishing traffic, gives an idea of its international dimension. Among these Motorways of the Sea, the following can be highlighted: Germany-Spain (Emden-Sheerness-Zeebrugge-Vigo); Spain-Morocco-Algeria (Vigo-Casablanca-Mostaganem); Spain-France (Vigo-Nantes/Saint Nazaire); Spain-France-Belgium (Vigo-Nantes/Saint Nazaire-Zeebrugee) or Spain-Morocco (Vigo-Tanger Med).

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