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VIGO SHIP REPAIR is a group of Spanish companies devoted to shipbuilding and ship repair. They promote their services both nationally and internationally with the support of the Port of Vigo and the rest of the port community.

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Presentation of Vigo Ship Repair to the Port Community

On November 17th, the official presentation of Vigo Ship Repair, an Atlantic platform for ship repair and maintenance, was held, constituted by twenty partners located in Vigo and its surroundings: Astilleros Aramda, Botamavi Servicios Generales Marítimos, Cardama...

Vigo Ship Repair: Promoting Vigo as an Atlantic ship repair “Hub”

The Vigo Ship Repair Business Association has reactivated its activity in order to promote Vigo and its area as a "hub" for ship repair and ship maintenance. Constituted at the end of 2014, and after a period of reflection, the Association is back on track with the...

Montajes Cancelas: Innovative Company 2021

Montajes Cancelas has received the distinction awarded by the Zona Franca de Vigo to innovative company 2021. This distinction is awarded to innovative companies that have high levels of innovative performance measured through indicators such as internal R&D...
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Our Location

Vigo Ship Repair is located on the coast of one of Spain’s Regions, the Autonomous Community of Galicia, and, within it, in the city of Vigo. The City counts a population of 300,000 inhabitants and its port is located at coordinates 42º 14′ 1″ N 8º 43′ 59″ W, on the West coast of Spain, on the Atlantic Ocean, at one of the strategic points of the two most important maritime routes in the world: those linking Europe and South America and Europe and West Africa.

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