The Vigo Ship Repair Business Association has reactivated its activity in order to promote Vigo and its area as a “hub” for ship repair and ship maintenance. Constituted at the end of 2014, and after a period of reflection, the Association is back on track with the aim of providing ship repair and maintenance services through its members. The privileged location of the Galician coast, through which about 35,000 ships pass annually, make it an attractive point for them to make use of such repair and maintenance services.

Through a one-stop shop format, with extremely simplified procedures and formalities, the Association responds, in Spanish and English, to all the needs of the potential user, national or foreign, making available the required services at the most competitive prices on the Atlantic coast. With this, Vigo Ship Repair intends to contribute to the support of a key sector for the Galician economy, on whose future, which must be encouraged with initiatives like this one, depends a considerable number of own and auxiliary industries.

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